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True Luminosity Serum + 
Hot Stone Facial Mask
I struggle quite a bit with acne on my chin due to wearing masks a lot. So I was super pleased to notice that the biggest difference was on my chin, it is so much clearer, brighter and happier.
— Lauren

Cooling Foam Cleanser +
True Luminosity Serum + Hot Stone Facial Mask
This routine has helped to ease my redness and discolouration, and to reduce the appearance of my pores and blemish scarring which is really important for me. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin since using these products, it looks so bright and my pores are cleared.

After 2 weeks use.
— Gemma

True Luminosity Serum
My absolute favorite serum, beats any other expensive brands I've used. Skin is glowing, redness from my rosacea has stopped spreading, and the most amazing part is that my mole is gone!"

After 3 months use.
— Yaya

Omega Repair Cream
After 28 days use.

True Luminosity Serum
My facial redness reduced and overall skin texture is so much better in a short time. Pores look less obvious.

After 2 weeks use.
— Kris

Hot Stone Facial Mask

"This soothed my acne so much after one try, I'm genuinely surprised at the effectiveness. I tend to feel burning and stinging from typical acne meds (this mask felt very nice, no burning) and my breakouts are so spread-out that spot stickers don't do enough, so will be using this sheet mask every week from now on."

— Raymond

True Luminosity Serum +
Hot Stone Facial Mask

My pores have significantly reduced in size, the acne has decreased and redness has definitely improved!

— Mel, 36

Herbal Youth Mask

After 5 days use.

 — Monique

Vitamin E Hand Cream

"I had some really bad pigmentation from being sunburnt on a beach trip. I was so busy with my kids that I forgot to put sunscreen on my hands. Honestly thought that they'd be permanent, but after a month of daily use, the spots were completely gone. Skin is such an amazing organ, with the right help it can really heal itself."

— Phoebe

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Based on 1931 reviews
love this brush

I have a few little brown spots on my gold bristles but was able to polish it off with a jewelry cloth so its fine. feels amazing when I brush. I really like the serum though!

works for volume

works well and stops my hair from being too flat and it clears away oily scalp as claimed. I did not like the hydrating bar as it was too oily for me, this one is better.

softens and conditions hair

worked magic on my messy, puffy hair and split ends after bleaching!!!

beautiful quality

the wait took a while but I expected this as it was written on the sales page so it was OK for me. the brush itself is even more beautiful than the images though, so that was a pleasant surprize. the scalp massage itself is very soothing and comfortable, similar to the metal scalp massagers but more solid and reaches much more scalp areas. I like my massages with more pressure, but this worked well regardless how much pressure I applied to my scalp. Worth the price tag, I'm surprized they did not charge an arm and leg more because I have bought brushes around $250 and this one is better, even if its a plastic base. I am eagerly waiting for a wooden version, which their staff has said will come out soon.

Super relaxing

Been a really great part of my day. Works well just as a hair brush but the massage on the scalp does work as well

favorite shampoo

easiest, hydrating and cleaning ever. my whole family uses it and it lasts. what we found is that a little water was enough to make a lot of later so we use a soap bag to extend its use life. would be nice if they sold these net bags thoguh!

bought with brush

Bought the set of serum and gold needle brush, LOVE LOVE LOVE them. The brush is extremely soothing and does a proper massage which is heaven for someone with migraines like me, but this spray is not to be underestimated either!! My hair literally changed in front of my eyes and feels magically softer!! could not believe its a clean formula either!!! worth it (buy the set for cheaper)

long wait but love it

it works a lot better than those plastic massagers, this is definitely the luxe, better version and I would have not wasted any money on the other ones if I had seen their article earlier!

Absolutely beautiful brush

I am so, so pleased with my brush. It feels amazing on the scalp and the gold needles are perfect, with an almost pearlescent shimmer to it (I was told that it is because of the negative ion layer added). It is an expensive item, but worth every cent for me. Having used it for two weeks, I will say that I see some frizzy hair bits popping up but I am not sure if I'm just imagining it!

love how plump it leaves me

superior plumping effect, hydrating and has a very distinct rose water scent. Skin looks dewy and it's slightly cooling. love it

this is for the spoon

spoon is the cutest thing ever. 5/5 for the mask too, creamy and smells divine.

very gentle and hydrating

I have super sensitive, itchy skin and this soothed it so well. probably not for people who like thick, rich creams, but for me it is perffect

expensive for an oil

prob won't re purchase because its too expensive for my liking, but the oil does work very well and even removes my waterproof mascaras and doesnt leave gross stains

love this oil

its deceptively light, but somehow still keeps my skin soft throughout the day even here in Colorado. recommended! I do still layer with a cream and a serum though but I think as a finishing touch, its perfect.

Amazing results in headache reduction

I am a licensed massage therapist and bought this scalp revival brush for myself to try along with the tetrapeptide and ginseng scalp serum before offering it as a service to my clients. My order shipped within a week! I had a bad tension headache the day it was delivered. But the headache was gone after using the hydrating shampoo bar first to cleanse, then an overnight treatment of scalp serum and plenty of brushing. Also, the scalp serum has an amazing natural scent! It left my curly hair more manageable and a lovely texture. 10/10 recommend especially for headaches!

Will purchase again

I have oily/combo, acne-prone, sensitive skin. It’s a mouthful to say and even harder to please. I was looking for something to wear bare face to soak up the shine from my spf and hide some of my larger t-zone pores/blackheads. This is perfect. Not flaky or cakey, it really does melt into your skin and provides light oil control. It doesn’t break me out or cause any irritation in the sensitive areas around my nose and chin. I’m a new fan!

Great for stimulation

This is really good to stimulate my scalp.

Firm and pleasant

Surprisingly durable. Feels great on the hair and so easy to use

Stiff and soothing

The brush really does have stiff bristles. Usually that just scratches my head but somehow this one gave my head a soothing massage. Havent tried the paired serum yet but looking forward to it

Great for Dry Patches

Scent is beautiful. I would buy this just on the scent alone. The texture is another thing, it’s like ice cream! The results are absolutely wonderful. I don’t need thick layers but a thin one was enough for me to heal some dry patches overnight.

Too good

I was blown away by this, can’t believe this isn’t some gimmick, like it’s actually a clean formula? Like how? I used it on my very dry skin and within a few days I’m all good in this New York city climate. The spoon is so cute, I love the mini spoon.

it works well but not long lasting

great formula, smells really good and easy to take everywhere but I finished it in less than a month and had to buy more. it adds up so am going to stock up during sales

gets everything off

works extremely well and i love the scent

fave essence

my friend and I had very different experiences with this one. My skins quite dry and within a week I could really see and feel the difference, but she's on the oilier side and she felt that it didn't do much. I will def repurchase but she's said she won't. I think if you're like me with dry patches (mostly normal skin) and very lazy about skincare, then this is such a good fit.

nice but not life changing

I heard so much about this mask and while its nice and soothing, its got this really cool texture and applies smoothely, its not magic. people are talking about it like it some kind of insane overnight skin changer but while hydrating I dont see anything else. And its pricey for the size.