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True Luminosity Serum + 
Hot Stone Facial Mask
I struggle quite a bit with acne on my chin due to wearing masks a lot. So I was super pleased to notice that the biggest difference was on my chin, it is so much clearer, brighter and happier.
— Lauren

Cooling Foam Cleanser +
True Luminosity Serum + Hot Stone Facial Mask
This routine has helped to ease my redness and discolouration, and to reduce the appearance of my pores and blemish scarring which is really important for me. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin since using these products, it looks so bright and my pores are cleared.

After 2 weeks use.
— Gemma

True Luminosity Serum
My absolute favorite serum, beats any other expensive brands I've used. Skin is glowing, redness from my rosacea has stopped spreading, and the most amazing part is that my mole is gone!"

After 3 months use.
— Yaya

Omega Repair Cream
After 28 days use.

True Luminosity Serum
My facial redness reduced and overall skin texture is so much better in a short time. Pores look less obvious.

After 2 weeks use.
— Kris

Hot Stone Facial Mask

"This soothed my acne so much after one try, I'm genuinely surprised at the effectiveness. I tend to feel burning and stinging from typical acne meds (this mask felt very nice, no burning) and my breakouts are so spread-out that spot stickers don't do enough, so will be using this sheet mask every week from now on."

— Raymond

True Luminosity Serum +
Hot Stone Facial Mask

My pores have significantly reduced in size, the acne has decreased and redness has definitely improved!

— Mel, 36

Herbal Youth Mask

After 5 days use.

 — Monique

Vitamin E Hand Cream

"I had some really bad pigmentation from being sunburnt on a beach trip. I was so busy with my kids that I forgot to put sunscreen on my hands. Honestly thought that they'd be permanent, but after a month of daily use, the spots were completely gone. Skin is such an amazing organ, with the right help it can really heal itself."

— Phoebe

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Makeup saver

Reordered this product as it really helps keep my makeup in place during the day. I have very oily skin and this product helps manage the shine until the end of the day.

this is a beautiful brush

I already have the plastic version, which is easy to use, but this one is a lot prettier! I have to say that I prefer this version, it is not a cheap brush by any means but I love that it is for a good cause. You can really tell how much love has been put into the making of these, the wood is sturdy, smooth and just so well carved! You don't see this kind of work anymore these days and everything is so plastic and cheap. I appreciate that your company uses real artists and not just machines and factories. I hope this helps.

easy set

bought as a gift for my tween niece and she loved it.

really helps with pores

I noticed a big change in skin texture, pores and overall brightness and smoothness. Better than other retinol brands. Hydrates well.

cooling and comfortable

hydrates extremely well even for very dry skin like mine

Also ok for short hair

I am 80 years old with thin hair, but with the brush the texture became better.

Wonderful products!

I really love the brush! Make my scalp feel amazing. The serum has helped my hair to feel fuller, but doesn't fel sticky or gummy.

So handy

This is so handy and makes a great little gift too! Packaging is as good as the product!


This smells incredible and it feels so nice when using it - no greasy leftovers either!

So relaxing and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh

Beautiful cleanser use every morning with the omega moisturiser

Love their products

very good, show cat quality

I use this for my cat shows and it really whitens their coats. good value for price.


A beautiful light cream that softens and hydrates the face when put on. Highly recommend this night cream.

favorite mask of all time

I am a sheet mask hoarder and have used thousands by now. Doesn't come easy to say this but this one is my absolute number 1. It can be used anytime and leaves my skin super bright, glass smooth and SHRINKS the pores. I take it everywhere and wish that snow fox has a subscription system cos I've probably send a good amount over the years. Totally worth my investment though.

baby hairs getting messy

Pros: It works, it's been two months and little hairs are sprouting from my thinning areas like weeds

Cons: the baby hairs are unruly and now I have to slick them down all the time.

Overall, 5 stars for the craftsmanship and results - just invest in a good gel to keep the new hairs from looking like bedhead all the time!

In love

I bought this brush on a whim along with the serum. I am 42 and have had color treated hair for a long time. So I have some areas that were thinning. I started using this right away and love the way it feels. I also suffer from migraines and this thing has caused me to have less of them! I use it every morning when I get up and before I go to bed. I see lots of new hair growth and like I said less migraines. For the migraine help alone this is worth the price! If your considering this for migraines go for it! It also does what it claims and will stimulation hair growth. It has been a month of use and I have tons of baby hairs. I have wavy fine hair and yes this is a great detangleras well.

I absolutely love this product

I love this product, my skin looks gorgeous after using this product once per week for 2 months.

must have item in my skin care products

If budget is not a problem, i suggest you to buy 5x packs of 4 orbs, and use it 20 days straight. The reason why I want to do it because I had used Obag* brightening serum, and it burnt my face, made it so dry, rough and sensitive. Then i use this orb mix with cucumber serum. Now my skin is back to normal, it is more stable. I wish they can offer a bigger pack with cheaper price. Then i can stock up more.

beautiful brush

you can really see the craftsmanship of the brush. I love how the gold needles shimmer, it's really truly gold plated and the color is a solid gold sheen, not the cheap faded yellow that you get on so many other things. Bristles feel really good on my scalp.

new formula is good

They did improve this formula even though I was a little skeptical at first, and it's stayed the same price thankfully.

Am very happy with my purchase

It works!!! I feel like I'm going a bit crazy but it's been a month and my thinning patches look fuller. Will keep going and seeing how it does. I use it daily, with a bit of the serum.

good value

its a good sized handwash, smells great and got rid of some of the smells from cooking. still had a slight onion smell but very very little after using this.

addicted to this

never looked back and saved so much money on facials by adding these beauties into my routine. I use it with all three different serums from snow fox and each one has a very different effect. wish they had bigger value packs and weren't always sold out. I've emailed their customer support a few times and it has always been good service

love this

silky and lovely facial oil. more on the premium side but I don't mind as it is a lot better than their previous version. the glass bottle is a lot better than plastic.