Meet The Founder
Creative Approach, Extraordinary Results

Founded by Phoebe Song: Creative-at-Heart, Head of Innovation and long time Inflammatory Rosacea patient. 

Born in Australia to Taiwanese immigrants, her story is one of diverse cultures, creative chaos, beauty innovations and a deeper insight into the life of a mother-of-two running a multi-regional company spanning four languages. 

After feeling unsatisfied with the results of conventional skin treatments for her Rosacea, she travelled back to Taiwan to develop Snow Fox's original formula using highly complex layered botanical formulas inspired by both native Asian and Australian flora.

Nowadays, Snow Fox products are also made in USA, Japan and Australia based on the same clean, results-driven philosophy.

"After struggling for years with Rosacea, I discovered that the key to healthy skin was the perfect balance of clinically proven, non-irritating herbal formulas."

Phoebe Song, Founder of Snow Fox Skincare


Sheet Masks sold worldwide


Animals harmed in making our products


Skin confident customers & counting

Our Values


Earth First
From packaging to production, our main facilities run on 55% renewable energies at extra cost.
We also stick to recyclable materials only.

Gender Equality
We are a female-founded team of BIPOC women and men who actively seek progress by challenging traditional gender norms.

Self Care & Self Love
We are not fans of scaremongering, high pressure sales or ludicrous photoshopping either.

Supporting Indie, BIPOC businesses & communities
View some of our social projects below.

Non-Performative Allyship
More than just marketing. Our diversity has always been who we are, regardless of trends.

Clean Living


Natural or Naturally Derived Ingredients

Cruelty Free & Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Sustainably Harvested Ingredients

Clinically Tested Ingredients

All Skincare Formulas undergo third-party (SGS) Clinical Microbiology Safety Tests before launch

Ingredients that support local communities & causes

Social Projects

We are active in global community projects, working with animal shelters in Asia to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home cats, dogs and trafficked wildlife.

Support for our frontline workers

Saigon Times Shelter x Snow Fox Animal Rescue Vietnam