Award-Winning Skincare & Reflexology Beauty Tools

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Not sure where to start? Try the classic fan-faves with our tried-and-true skincare, hair care and beauty tool bestsellers.

Award-Winning Sheet Masks

Our clean, problem-solving masks are packed with specialised plant-based serums that absorb into the skin.
Level up your skincare routine with regular use as an intensive treatment step.

Serums & Moisturizers

Our highly-effective skincare serums and moisturizers are packed with nutrients and active ingredients that nourish and hydrate the skin's natural barriers.


Cleanse skin, remove dirt and pollutants from hair and skin without stripping the skins natural moisture levels.

Reflexology & Beauty Tools

Harness the power of traditional reflexology techniques, natural stone materials and handmade construction with our range of acclaimed gua sha and reflexology beauty tools.

Hair & Scalp Care

High-performance, sustainable and eco-friendly hair and scalp care products that leaves hair soft, silky and nourished.

Make Up & Accessories

Our range of award-winning beauty and make up accessories support and complement your beauty regimen.

Pet Care 🐾

Based on our bestselling haircare formula for humans, our Australian-made Pet Pals Shampoo Bar is professional groomer-approved!

50% of proceeds will be donated to our partnered animal rescue shelter! 🖤

Sets & Bundles

Save with our specially made skincare sets and great value product bundles, and take your routine for less.

Less Than Perfect Goods

Short Shelf Life (6 months and under) and "Imperfect" (printing & packaging error) goods are often deemed unsellable and trashed. As a clean brand using natural preservative systems, our normal shelf life is around 24 months, which is shorter than average.
As part of our efforts to minimize waste, we'd rather offer these at a very special price to those happy to have them.