Earth First Policy


As a beauty brand, we care about our environmental impact as producers. We encourage transparency when it comes to manufacturing practices and although it is not perfect, we hope to continually improve processes, packaging and production to reduce as much of an environmental foot print as possible. 

Sheet Masks: 

  • Made with 100% unbleached, premium organic cotton sheets that are GOTS certified, meaning that the cotton is grown within strict environmental conditions of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certifying authority (ie. without pesticides, water pollutants etc). As our sheets do not use bleach, they incur less water pollution and water wastage than bleached sheets. 

  • Masking Serums are purely botanical origin and do not pollute water ways when discarded. This means no harsh chemicals such as synthetic dyes, strong preservatives or fragrances that can pollute when discarded.

  • Purely cotton mask sheets do not contain microfiber which are non-biodegradable plastic or acrylic fibers (like nylon or polyester). They don't harm oceans and wildlife through micro-plastic pollution. 

Serums, Tonics and Creams

  • All of our bottles are recyclable PET. These are easier to reuse and recycle than glass, which uses a lot more energy consumption to sort and break down. By keeping PET in the use cycle, it stays out of the waste system longer and requires less energy consumption. 

Energy Use and Waste Recycling 

  • Our main facility in Taipei, Taiwan runs on 50% renewable energy at extra cost and has a waste recycling rate of 83.9%. We are trying to encourage our other laboratories to do the same. 

Cruelty Free and Non-Animal Testing Policy

  • Snow Fox has a strict policy against animal testing. In fact, we've been very vocal about it, read more here

  • We do not sell directly in regions that require mandatory animal testing. 

  • We have been in discussion with alternative platforms that can help certain regions bypass animal testing requirements. It is important to encourage government bodies to modify their import requirements so as not to cause pain to millions of animals on very little scientific basis.

  • No animal origin ingredients. All current products are plant based, however we may make an exception for organic certified, locally sourced beeswax (Cera Alba) as these help support local bee keepers and bee populations. Products containing beeswax will be marked for those who prefer no beeswax. 

Wild Harvest Herbal Supplements

  • We source all our herbal supplements from the native Hilltribe communities in Northern Thailand, Chiang Rai. These communities use ancient agricultural techniques to grow their herbs on the surrounding jungle floor which require no pesticides, fertilizers or unnatural growth chemicals. They rely on companies willing to source from them as they struggle to compete with mass scale manufacturers in pricing and logistics, as they are usually based in rural areas with limited infrastructure. 

  • True Wild Harvest means that every production run has limited stock, so as not to devastate the fragile jungle terrain. Once we run out of stock, we will be sourcing from another location to allow the herbs to replenish. 

Shipping Materials & Beauty Tools 

  • We are phasing out plastic and switching to only using biodegradable "plastic" - a new advanced bio-degradable material that looks and feels like plastic or bubble wrap, that is made from corn.

  • Whenever our packaging vendors allow, we will always resort to biodegradable "plastics".

  • As for brushes, we opt for synthetic fibers instead of animal hair as its less cruel and more hygienic. We are still researching ways of ensuring that these fibers can be recycled.