5 Amazing Gifts for Everybody on Your List — Updated for 2022

5 Amazing Gifts for Everybody on Your List — Updated for 2022

It has been a challenging year for many, but we’re optimistic! As we all head into 2023, emerging from our homes into a new era of self-care and understanding, we’re getting into the holidays early.

Here are a few things we think could be excellent additions to your self-care routine or for a loved one to help keep positive vibes all around – and here’s to achieving hopes and dreams in 2023!


For Her: Soothe & Relax with the Luxury Home Spa Collection

Cucumber Recovery Tonic
Luxury Home Spa Collection

The Luxury Home Spa Collection is a double mask set that comes in a stunning fan box that opens up – guaranteed to impress the lucky recipient if that’s what you’re hoping for.

The beautiful display box can be reused to hold sheet masks and protect them during travel, making for the perfect gift for any skincare enthusiast.


For Him: A Clarifying Wash with the Black Cat Pack

Black Cat Pack
Black Cat Pack

Cute and convenient, this charcoal Konjac sponge gently exfoliates dead skin, dirt, and other impurities without being harsh on skin. With an alkaline pH of 8.4, these Japanese-crafted, locally grown Konjac sponges have a naturally aqueous layer on their fibers to help neutralize dirt and acidic bacteria. More importantly, they feel like puddings! Cat. Shaped. Puddings.

The Australian-made Three-in-One Hair, Face & Body Bar is a media-loved hair, face & body-friendly formula with sensual notes of Vetiver and Cedarwood, specially formulated to accommodate the unique hair-growing pores of facial hair.
The bar boasts a complex of native Australian botanicals to clear dirt from pores, soften facial hair bristles and keep skin from overdrying.


For the Teen: Calm Skin Troubles with the Brightening Set

The Brightening Set
The Brightening Set

Contrary to popular belief, teen skin tends to be more sensitive than adult skin, even if it shows signs of adolescent acne and excessive sebum production. The Brightening Set comprises of our True Luminosity Serum and Hot Stone Facial Masks. Together, they help to clarify, rebalance and condition the skin while caring for it simultaneously – minimizing breakouts while keeping skin hydrated and even-toned.

Our formula contains 6% Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate (or PAD for short), an azelaic acid derivative that is safe for use in higher concentrations and is significantly effective in reducing scarring, spots and breakouts.


For the Colleague: Brightest Eyes in the Office with the LiftBright™ Crystal Eye-Light Serum

Cucumber Recovery Tonic
LiftBright™ Crystal Eye-Light Serum Roller

The 3D-popping LiftBright™ Crystal Eye-Light Serum Roller gift box was made to wow. For the lucky recipient, this small but handy Eye Roller + Serum-in-one can help minimize dark circles, soothe and massage any away puffiness in the skin and bring a smile to their faces.

Save this for your favorite office-mate, especially if they’re struggling with late nights and need some serious self-care that takes only a minute in the mornings!


For the Family: Easy Xmas Scents in a Cute Fox Box with our Ceramic Diffuser

Cucumber Recovery Tonic
Ceramic Snow Fox Scent Diffuser & Essential Oil

The flame-free, electricity-free Ceramic Snow Fox Scent Diffuser is for those who want to scent their personal spaces with something non-toxic and quick, which lasts for days (or weeks, depending on use!).

Comprised of a beautiful geometric fox cub that sits on a refillable ceramic base, the pet-safe ceramic diffuser is an easy home décor addition to any room. Enjoy scenting naturally with refreshingly spa-like notes of fresh Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Peppermint.

Each box set already includes a bottle of essential oil, so it’s an easy gift that will please any family member – especially those that have it all.


About Snow Fox Skincare

Founded by a Rosacea patient, Snow Fox Skincare is a clinically-proven, clean, problem solving skincare line. Dermatologist approved, our products aim to achieve real, visible results without the use of harsh preservatives, artificial fragrances and colors. Our products are always packaged in sustainable or recyclable materials and cruelty free.