Snow Fox's Classic Cooling Set
Snow Fox's Classic Cooling Set

Snow Fox's Classic Cooling Set

A full set of our best selling, "Classic" range for a complete, naturally cooling skincare routine. 

The set includes:
1 x Day and Night Defense Cream worth $55 USD
1 x Soothing Facial Mousse worth $35 USD
1 x box Arctic Breeze Cooling Mask (5 pcs) worth $30 USD

Original Value: $120 USD

Our first ever range: minimalist, potent and yet still absolutely perfect

How to Enjoy: Start off with a refreshing, fluffy cleanse in the form of our Soothing Facial Mousse followed by a cooling, soothing Arctic Breeze Rescue sheet mask and top off with a boost of enriched botanical fatty acids in our Day & Night Defense Cream that help to protect, repair and prep the skin for the makeup.

Everything you need in just 3 simple steps. Perfect for busy bee's who prefer a simple, no fuss routine that works. 

Regular price $125.00

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Soothing Facial Mousse

A gentle foaming cleanser that brightens the skin while effectively removing dirt, bacterial debris and make up residue without stripping natural moisture levels. 

Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask

Our signature Arctic Breeze Mask is an all-one-rescue that hydrates, brightens and soothes common skin irritations such as redness, enlarged pores, inflammation, break outs and after-sun fatigue.

Day & Night Defense Cream

A repair cream packed with Essential Fatty Acids Omega -3,-6,-7,-9 to help recover damaged skin & stay hydrated.