Black Obsidian is known as popular "crystal", however in geological terms, it is actually a type of volcanic glass, naturally formed by pools of cooling lava.
  • Excellent warmth retention properties

  • Boost warmth and serum absorption

  • In Crystal therapy, it is believed to have protective energies against mental stress and negative thoughts

  • In Feng Shui, it is thought to help clear out obstacles in one's career and life path


Soak Hot Stone in 110F water (not boiling) for 1-3 mins. Place Hot Stone Facial Sheet Mask over cleansed, dry face. 

Retrieve hot stone and dry it quickly. Press the Gua Sha for 5-10 sec over sheet mask, focusing on pores/blemished areas. 

Continue massage for 5-10 min. If using without sheet mask, apply facial oil to skin first.


Black Obsidian, extrusive igneous


What's the difference between the Facial Roller and Gua Sha?

Both the facial roller and Gua Sha can be used to massage, de-stress and de-puff the face while speeding up product absorption, however the Gua Sha can also be used to "scrape" across lymphatic points under the chin, along the neck and shoulders. Gua Shas can also be used on the body, where Rollers are traditionally only for the face. Facial Rollers are traditionally used cold, while Gua Shas are warmed up for massage.

Will the heat from the Gua Sha trigger redness in my skin?

Everyone has different heat preferences, however we recommend not over heating the Gua Sha above 110F for safety reasons and also to minimize the risk of irritation. If used together with the Hot Stone Facial Sheet mask, it is unlikely to cause any redness that won't subside naturally after the session. Please do not exert too much strength onto skin; the massage should be comfortable and gentle.

How often should I use this Gua Sha?

Gua Shas can be used every day, however we recommend using it with the Hot Stone Facial Mask for a pampering home-spa session 2-3 times a week for quickly visible skincare results.

Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?


Can I use a microwave to warm up the Gua Sha?

NEVER use a microwave to warm up the Gua Sha. Our Gua Sha is made from natural black obsidian stone and its natural heat retention properties mean that it will heat up extremely fast. It is likely to become too hot for use even if you put it in a microwave for just a few seconds. Please use water around 110F to start, and avoid using boiling water for safety reasons.

Any Gua Sha Tips and Tricks? 

Try the Gua Sha on your hands! Hand Reflexology with Gua Sha is fast, great way to relax at home and can be done easily on your own (just alternate both hands).
SAFETY: If you accidentally break your Gua Sha, please dispose of the shards immediately in a safe manner. Obsidian is a very sharp natural material and is best kept away from children and pets.


The Gua Sha's versatile comb shape offers 4 massage touch points as well as the flat surface for pressing against the sheet mask or skin to help relax muscle tension and boost serum absorption.


Due to the black obsidian's volcanic origin, it has excellent warmth retention properties, making it a premium "hot stone" for warmed massages that help stimulate blood circulation.


In Crystal therapy, black obsidian is believed to have protective energies against mental stress and negative thoughts. Similarly in Feng Shui, it is thought to help clear out obstacles in one's career and life path, protecting its user from deception.

"I adore this gua sha. I have a few from other brands which cost me a pretty penny, but snow fox ones are my top faves."

-S Watters


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
J McNamara

it came packaged very protectively without too much packing, the box itself is hard paper which kept it from being smashed in the post. They were smart to put the diagram on the lid itself instead of wasting paper. Minimal foam. My box came in a beautiful recycbale paper box with biodegradable wrapping, stickers and all! Very thoughtful company.

Chloe Shih
really pleased with my gua sha

I was recommended this all the way from Taiwan! The gua sha is absolutely perfect.

Nana W
quality is great

Came quickly and the obsidian is really good quality. It's a little slippery when using with oils, but after a while I got the hang of it and it's been so relaxing to use (especially on the neck and shoulders).

Barb Mooney
lovely gift

bought one for myself and will buy this as a gift for my niece as she is in love with all these wellness items. Never tried the brands skincare but will consider as I prefer to stick to my obagi.

Erin Pu

the shape isn't unique, it warms up OK but it does the job