FAQ: Luxury Retreat Set

Can the Facial Cleansing Oil remove eye make up and waterproof cosmetics?
Yes, though for some waterproof formulas, we suggest massaging the oil around the eyes a little longer than normal to really get the products dissolved before rinsing off. Using a Reusable Bamboo Make Up Removal Pad with the oil can also help pull away any stubborn residue and exfoliate more effectively.

Is the Facial Cleansing Oil safe for lash extensions?
We don't recommend using this cleansing oil directly onto the lash extensions as the formula works by dissolving away pigments and dirt, which can weaken the lash glue. Cleansing Oils are not recommended for lash extensions.

Can I use the Facial Cleansing Oil if I have oily, acne-prone skin?
Yes. This Skin Barrier-supporting oil formula is fantastic for people with weakened skin barriers, or those easily irritated from synthetic fragrances (often found in cheaper, drugstore cleansing oil brands). It also has a more sophisticated formula than just pure oils, so its cleansing power is more potent and can melt off most make up wear.
We think of the Goodnight Lavender Facial Cleansing Oil as the first step in a bedtime ritual, so we want people to begin relaxing when washing off the day. For acne-prone skin, we recommend double-cleansing with the Cooling Foam Cleanser afterwards to ensure a deep clean before skincare.

What's the difference between the Cooling Foam Cleanser and the Goodnight Lavender Facial Cleansing Oil? Do I have to use both, or is one enough?
Cleansing often causes water loss, and after showering and facial cleansing, the skin is stripped momentarily of its oils and moisture. This is why cleansing with oil is particularly good for those more sensitive to water loss (i.e. Dry, mature skin types or people who love long, hot showers).
Double-cleansing with oil is a great way to retain hydration for those who like to wash their face a lot, take long showers or have chronic dryness/Rosacea. That said, it's up to individual preference to use one or both; as professionals, we love the double cleanse!

Can I use the Essence instead of a serum?
Yes, you can. However we still recommend layering it with different types of functional serums if you’re looking for more than just hydration and barrier support.

What exactly is a Double Layer Essence? Is it a Serum or a Tonic?
The concept for our Multi-Layer Essence started off as a serum. We originally wanted to create a two-layer “Double Serum” that was based on purely ceramides and barrier support but it turned out too thick and sticky on the skin – this is a typical issue found in double layer products.
There are already many Ceramide serums on the market that are typically the thicker, milky type of texture so instead, we found that merging two products into one reduced unnecessary waste and created a truly clean, one-stop, easy to use and effective solution. Perfect for those who just want something simple, comfortable and useful.

I have some scarring and blemishes from breaking out. Does this help?
Yes! To increase the intensity of the hot stone facial experience and its results, wash face with the Cooling Foam Cleanser, dry and then apply this mask. Warm up with Black Obsidian Gua Sha and press the flat sides on top of the sheet mask, focusing on troubled areas. After 20 min, peel off mask and wash off excess serum. Dry skin and follow up with the True Luminosity Serum. Apply the True Luminosity Serum morning and night for a min. of 3 weeks daily, on conjunction with the Hot Stone Mask 3 times a week for quickly visible results!

Which sheet mask should I start with?
If you have dry skin but are concerned about discolorations such as pigmentation, pores and redness, the Hot Stone Facial Mask is the one to start with. If you are looking feeling dry, with premature fine lines, start with the Herbal Youth Mask 2 to 3 times a week until all 5 masks are used, and then repeat consistently with the Hot Stone Facial Mask for best results.

How often should I use these sheet masks?
While our masks are suitable for every day use, we recommend starting off 2 to 3 times a week.
Read more on our blog: How Often Should You Sheet Mask?

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