Cucumber Recovery Serum
Cucumber Recovery Serum
Cucumber Recovery Serum
Cucumber Recovery Serum

Cucumber Recovery Serum


Pure HA serum fortified with nutrient-rich botanical extracts - a silky moisture booster that soothes stressed, dry and sensitive skin without clogging pores. Plumps and smooths out uneven skin texture for a fresh, immediate glow that lasts throughout the day  - all without a touch of silicone (our plump is real!)


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Self Care

De-puff, de-stress and get those natural contours back


- Use with Herbal Youth Oil for a deeper, tension-releasing facial massage, focusing on wrinke-prone areas like the nasolabial folds and tense jawlines (15 - 20 min)

- Use with Snow Fox Sheet Masks to speed up the rate of absorption, cool the skin and to de-puff the face if there's any bloating (great if you only have 5 -10 min) 

- Use with Cucumber Recovery Serum to help absorption of the multi-molecular weight HA and revitalize the skin without greasiness (1-5 min) 

How To:

Using the larger roller, start from the bottom of the chin, roll upwards along the jawline and then downwards, focusing on the Mastication (chewing) muscle. This is where we often hold the most tension, leading to temporary puffiness. Repeat 5 -8 times

Next, roll downwards from the tip of the forehead to the eye brows. With the smaller roller, gently roll along temples, under the eyes, cheek bones and chin. Repeat 2-3 times.

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