Rose Quartz Wood Massager
Rose Quartz Wood Massager
Rose Quartz Wood Massager
Rose Quartz Wood Massager
Rose Quartz Wood Massager
Rose Quartz Wood Massager
Rose Quartz Wood Massager
Rose Quartz Wood Massager

Rose Quartz Wood Massager

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Enjoy a deeper tissue massage on-the-go with our Rose Quartz Crystal-embedded massager.

  • Massage on-the-go with a simple, easy to use, wood grip
  • Helps with carpal tunnel syndrome, sore hands and wrists
  • Can be used on calves, hands, wrists, shoulders, neck, jawline, ankles, arms, and legs
  • Postpartum-friendly, great for breastfeeding support and clogged milk ducts
  • Rose Quartz naturally soothes and cools
  • Use with oil (like our Blueberry Bakuchiol Facial Oil) or over clothes
  • Lightweight & portable; carry it with you everywhere, whether you’re at the office, home or desk! 
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  • Suitable For All Skin Types

The shape of our massager is designed specifically to “brush” through fascia and muscle, releasing tension as it pulls.

It can be brushed against the collarbones to activate lymph nodes, on tired wrists at the office and even above the breasts to smooth out milk flow and minimize lumps.

Beech Wood, Rose Quartz Crystal

Made in Taiwan

Gently massage directly on skin or over clothes with medium pressure, using circular motions to release tension in the fascia, or straight downwards to “comb” through muscle stiffness and activate lymphatic drainage.

There’s no wrong or right way to do it, but the key is to massage consistently for at least 2 minutes in the same area for the fascia and muscles to de-stress.

For face and scalp, we recommend Gua Shas specifically designed for those areas.

How do I clean my Rose Quartz Wood Massager?
Wipe down the crystals with a damp cloth, but do not run it under water as it would loosen the points from the base and possibly cause the wood to crack over time.

My crystals fell out! What do I do?
Due to the nature of the wooden base (wood expands/shrinks naturally over time), the crystal parts may fall out after some time. However, it's easily glued back with any type of superglue or wood glue and can be reused without issue once set.

Can I use this massager on my face?
Yes, but we recommend only on the jaw area to release tension in the masseter muscle as this massager is designed more for muscles and fascia rather than skin.

Why are the Rose Quartz crystals not fully pink?
Please note that we do not artificially color or dye our crystals, meaning that there will be natural color variations or other imperfections in the stone. No two pieces will look perfectly identical as these are hand carved out of naturally formed blocks of gem stone.

Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

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"All I can say is WOW. Such a nice bit of self-care that I can bring with me wherever I go..."
— Janine L.

Massage On The Go

Step One: Apply A Little Oil To Skin

Works on wrists, arms, shoulders or calf (oil is optional, you can massager over clothes as well).

Step Two: Press Massager Into Skin

Massage firmly into muscle area, using either circular or up and down movements.

Step Three: Continue For 5 Minutes

When done, wipe massager clean with damp cloth and place back into the bag.

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