How To Use: Hair & Scalp Revitalising Set

For hair conditioning: Spray Serum throughout clean, damp hair with a focus on mid-length to ends, then Brush through and blow dry or style as usual. Use daily during styling.

For Scalp Revitalization: For best results, sweep across the scalp twice daily while brushing clean, dry hair. Apply gentle to medium pressure depending on preference. Sweep from the front of the hairline backwards in a pulling motion while brushing hair, ensuring to make contact with the scalp during hair brushing to activate massage function.

For more instructions, please see our detailed guide on Using Your New Gua Sha Brush.

To clean brush, wipe with a damp cloth or spray with an alcohol spray to clean or sterilize before wiping with a dry cloth. Do not wash the brush with water, and do not use on face.