FAQ: Multi-Ceramide Lavender & Coconut Essence

Is this safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Yes, the vegan formula is gentle and soothing, however we recommend consulting your attending physician before use.

Can I use this instead of a serum?
Yes, you can. However we still recommend layering it with different types of functional serums if you’re looking for more than just hydration and barrier support.

What exactly is a Double Layer Essence? Is it a Serum or a Tonic?
The concept for our Multi-Layer Essence started off as a serum. We originally wanted to create a two-layer “Double Serum” that was based on purely ceramides and barrier support but it turned out too thick and sticky on the skin – this is a typical issue found in double layer products.
There are already many Ceramide serums on the market that are typically the thicker, milky type of texture so instead, we found that merging two products into one reduced unnecessary waste and created a truly clean, one-stop, easy to use and effective solution. Perfect for those who just want something simple, comfortable and useful.

Can I use this if I am sensitive to scents? Even natural ones?
There is no artificial scent and there are no harsh essential oils in the formula, but we recommend a small patch test if you are worried about being allergic to fragrances. French Lavender naturally has a stronger fragrance and this is the most distinct scent note in our formula. 

Are there any types of serums I should avoid with this item?
We do not recommend using any acidic items with this Essence as our whole Sleepy Ceramides range is meant to rebuild and strengthen skin barriers, not to remove it; as it would cancel out the potency of the range if the skin is continually exposed to peeling, which can thin the skin barriers. However, if the goal is to try to rebuild or repair a weakened barrier after laser treatments or acid peels, then this range can definitely help with recovery.

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