FAQ: Celestial Flora Priming Serum

Can I use it at night as well?
Yes, this serum is suitable for both day and night use. Use it with an Ceramide & EGF Treatment Orb to boost its plumping and smoothing benefits.

Is it suitable for pregnant women?
Yes, there are no harsh ingredients in the formula. However due to commonly increased sensitivity during pregnancy, please consult a specialist before use.

Can I use it on top of make up?
We do not recommend using it on top of makeup as it is a skin priming serum that is best used before applying any cosmetics.

Can I take the petals out and directly place it onto skin?
Yes, however the petals were designed to disperse through the pump, so if you do decide to take the petals out and apply it directly, make sure to rub it evenly throughout the skin to “melt” or disperse the light reflecting particles consistently.

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