Reusable Bamboo Make Up Removal Pads
Reusable Bamboo Make Up Removal Pads

Reusable Bamboo Make Up Removal Pads



These reusable double layer, terry Bamboo and Organic Cotton facial rounds are easy to use, versatile and are meant to replace daily cotton pads or disposable make up wipes. The best way to minimize waste is to start with our personal habits. Opt for a cheaper, easy to use and skin friendly cotton pad/make up wipe alternative that can last for months without an issue. Save Water, Save Money, Save our Planet - everyone wins!

1 Box of Reusable Bamboo Cotton pads (8 facial rounds) saves approx:

8,987 Gallons (34,020 L) of Water

Replaces 4000 single use Cotton pads

or 160 packs of disposable Make Up Wipes* (*based on 25pc pack sizes) 


*FREE for a limited time with each purchase of our Combo Recovery Set (Now 30% Off)

Regular price $18.00

Key Functions

- Replaces Single Use Make up Wipes and Industrial Cotton Pads

- Cleans More Effectively than cotton pads due to the double layer, Terry Texture 

- Gentle on Skin, with natural anti-bacterial properties from Bamboo

- Applies Toner or Essences Hands Free

-Remove Make Up or Clay Mask Residue Easily 

Cost Effective, Green Alternative

Bamboo and Cotton Blend

70% Bamboo Fiber: Dries faster and has natural anti-bacterial, UV protectant properties, stronger tensile strength. Requires less pesticides and water to grow than industrial cotton.

30% Cotton Fiber: Provides soft hand feel and boosts the absorbency of the bamboo pad, has stronger liquid absorbency than bamboo. Organic cotton minimizes pesticide use during farming.


Double Layered Terry

Fluffy, luxurious towel like texture with double layers for extra comfort, softness and durability.

Easy to use hang tags on each round in case of hang dry. Can also be used in dryer.

Organic Cotton Mesh Bag

Simply put the used Facial Rounds in this mesh bag for machine wash and dryer. Durable enough to reuse up to 500 times. Biodegradable.

How To Use

How To Wash


70% Natural Bamboo Fibers
30% Organic Cotton

Mesh Bag:
100% Organic Cotton
Wood component

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