• Minimal. Powerful. Natural.

    Snow Fox Skincare

  • Vegan Skin Care like No Other.

    A high potency, natural and plant based formula originally designed for sensitive skin.

    Suitable for all skin types, but *especially for those with real skin issues such as redness, environmental irritation, oily T zones, dry patches, hyperpigmentation & synthetic chemical allergies.

    Soothing Facial Cleansing Mousse

    Step 1: Cleanse


    A powerful yet gentle formula designed to combat and remove grease,dirt and impurities without drying out the skin’s natural moisture levels.

    • Brightens, Exfoliates, Refines & Revitalizes Skin - without abrasive beads or particles.
    • Organic peppermint oil provides natural, cooling antiseptic and antimicrobial protection while Alpha Hydroxy Citric Acid gently removes dirt, sebum build up & dead skin cells. Paired with Aloe Vera to stimulate skin regeneration for healthy new skin.
    • Non-irritant, hypo-allergenic formula will leave your skin feeling refreshed without stripping it of natural oils.


    Arctic Breeze Detox Mask

    Step 2: Detox


    This All-In-One Detox Mask moisturizes, evens out skin tone and tightens pores while essential oils work to extract impurities from deep within the skin. See the difference with just a single use.


    Deep Hydration, Deep Detox and Intense Repair. Each mask is made with 100% Premium Organic cotton and is specially sealed in a sterile laboratory room to ensure 0% cross contamination. This keeps the formula highly potent and incredibly fresh - literally, fresh out of the lab!


    Our best selling, media favourite, globally sold out skin hero - loved by all skin types world wide.

    Perfect for those much needed "it's-been-a-long-day/night/ugh" Skin Rescues or After Sun Repair.


        Defense Multi-Cream

    Step 3: Protect


    Daily Hydration, Repair and All-Round Protection for all Skin Types



    Ginseng contains a large amount of phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which work together to stimulate and activate skin metabolism.

    It is one of nature's most prized repairing agents and topical antioxidant, often used in traditional Eastern medicines to promote anti aging & regeneration. Paired with nutrient rich, hydrating Jojoba oil, an easily absorbed natural oil that can deliver deep into skin.


    Our light weight, Ultra Absorbent plant based formula was specifically designed to be make up-friendly. 

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  • What's new with Snow Fox

    Mix it up with Snow Fox

    Do-It-Yourself Facial Peel

    4 strawberries
    1 tsp Coconut Oil
    3 pumps Snow Fox Facial Mousse

    1. Mash Strawberries
    2. Add coconut oil
    3. Add Snow Fox Mousse
    4. Mix and apply on face or area with dull skin
    5. Wait 5-10 minutes depending on skin sensitivity
    6. Rinse off and enjoy!

    The Snow Fox Defense

    Multi-Cream - In Action.

    A versatile essential

    Snow Fox can be a petrochemical-free primer and foundation blender. When applied under make up, it gives you a silky, natural glow. When applied topically, it helps re-hydrate throughout the day without messing up your make up or looking greasy.


    Watch professional make up artist Frances Feldmann demonstrate how she uses Snow Fox Defense to create a beautiful Winter Burgundy look.

    The Talk of the Town

    Snow Fox in the media

    "For all skin types – sensitive, oily or dry – this miracle moisturiser will fight against irritants and pollutants so commonly found in Hong Kong’s air." - Sassy.com


    "Dazzling set" - Localiize.com, voted Top 5 best Skincare ranges for Winter


    "...making my skin look extremely hydrated, glowing and clearer." - Orchids & Peonies blog


    "A Natural Force" - Harper's Bazaar


    "Gentle and non-drying, offering a deep clean without stripping the skin of its natural oils." - Liv Magazine

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  • About Us

    Snow Fox was originally formulated for hyper-sensitive, delicate skin but is highly compatible for all skin types.

    No Parabens. No SLS. No Phthalates. No Petrochemicals.

    No Harsh Synthetics or Harmful Chemicals

    Snow Fox's base formula was created by scientists and lab technicians with strong knowledge and understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as conventional western technology. Because of this, Snow Fox products strictly do not contain any harmful or harsh synthetics.

    100% Natural and Organic

    Zen for Skin

    Truly natural products expire. Snow Fox products are best used within 3 months of opening. This is why they are designed and packaged to be used daily. After 3 months, the products can still be safely used, however the smell may change.

    Quality Sourced Ingredients

    Good Karma Consumption. 0% Animal Ingredients.

    The essential oils and herbal extracts are sourced from the US, Australia and Europe. Our manufacturing laboratory is SGS Certified and based in Taipei, Taiwan, where stringent quality control measures and ethical workplace standards are in place.

    Not Tested on Animals. (Especially not foxes.)

    SGS Certified

    Our Manufacturing Facilities are SGS Certified

    Quality Assured by the world's leading Quality Control, Audit, Testing and Certification Company.


    Our facilities have a 68% Waste Recycling Rate (2015) and use 55% renewable Energy sources.


    Our entire facilities from front-to-back-end processes/production, does not use any animal-origin ingredients, resources or suppliers.

    ISO 22716 Certified and VCGMP Certified.