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This cooling, snowy set combines two of our best selling items: our signature Arctic Breeze Mask and our pure Snowy Jade Gua Sha.

The Arctic Breeze mask hydrates, brightens and calms the skin while the Snowy Jade Gua Sha can be used on top of the sheet mask or directly on skin (with oil) for an easy, relaxing facial massage. 

What's included

(5% of proceeds will go to the Saigon Times Shelter, our partner animal rescue center in Vietnam)

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Product Details:

Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask

Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask


Our signature Arctic Breeze Mask is an all-in-one-rescue that hydrates, brightens and calms skin irritations such as redness, enlarged pores, inflammation, break outs and after-sun fatigue. Enriched with organic peppermint water, this icy cold mask is the ultimate rescue for tired, dull or stressed skin. It's our best selling, signature mask for all skin types.

Snowy Jade Ga Sha

Snowy Jade Gua Sha


The Snowy Jade Gua Sha is made of quality white jade (not mutton jade) known as the "Empress" stone, popular with noble women in the ancient Imperial courts of China. In Feng Shui, it's believed to ward off jealousy, cruel intentions, gossip and enhance one's willpower and ambitions - all the makings of a successful noble. Gua Sha's can help maximize product absorption, but most importantly stimulate acupressure points in the face to help release stress and tension in the face, jawline, neck and shoulders. 

How to Use

Place in fridge beforehand to make it EVEN colder (customers have done this after a hot day at the beach). 

Fit sheet mask over clean, dry face. Tuck in any excess material under the chin. Use the Snowy Jade Gua Sha on top of the sheet mask to speed up absorption time and amplify benefits. 

Let sit for 10-15 min then remove sheet mask and pat the remaining serum into skin or wash off.

About Us

Founded by a Rosacea patient, Snow Fox Skincare is a clean, problem solving skincare line that is clinically proven to be suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologist approved, Snow Fox products aim to achieve real, visible results without the use of harsh preservatives, artificial fragrances and colors. As conscious beauty brand, our products are always packaged in sustainable or recyclable materials and cruelty free. 

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