Herbal Youth Oil with Ying Yang Gua Shas

Step One: Apply Herbal Youth Oil

The Herbal Youth Oil is an award-winning lightweight anti-aging facial oil formulated with a 7-blend oil formula and a primary base of Blueberry Seed. Infused with ancient herbs, it’s soft, silky texture is perfect to use with a Gua Sha for a deeply relaxing massage that leaves the skin glowing and firm. 

Step Two: Gua Sha Massage

Follow the diagram and guide below for soothing 20 minute facial and body massage. 

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How to Use

For two types of Facial Gua Sha Massage:

Step 1

Warm up the Gua Sha by soaking it for 10-20 seconds in hot water (not boiling, approx. 116F or 45-48C). Do not microwave as Obsidian is a volcanic glass with extreme heat retention properties. Dry quickly after taking it out.

Step 2

Apply the Herbal Youth facial oil by smoothing it over areas for massage. 5-6 drops would be enough for the face. The oil is perfect for use with gua shas because it glides well while firming and toning the look of skin.

Step 3

Follow the diagram above. The scraping motion releases tension in the muscles of the face and promotes blood circulation by stimulating different lymphatic drainage points. Scrap until you feel the muscle tension loosen and that the jawline is visibly less puffy.


Why is the Herbal Youth Oil the best fit for Gua Sha?

The herbally infused oil is a rich but lightweight blend that glides extremely well across the skin to ensure no tugging or pulling.It's also not overly greasy, which would make the Gua Sha slippery to hold. 

What about my neck area?

Use the combed edge of the Gua Sha to lightly pull up and downwards on the sides of the neck, avoiding the voice box area. Do not use too much force and remain as gentle as possible as the throat area is more fragile. 

What if I live in a very dry climate? Is the oil enough? 

Yes, however feel free to add more oil.

Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Yes! Gua Sha is fine for pregnant women as long as it's gentle and focused on the face, neck and shoulders. Do not use Gua Sha on the feet or hands as it is believed that feet/hand reflexology can be overstimulating. 

Any extra tips?

After the massage, clean the Gua Sha as per the video below and let it "recharge" in moonlight or sunlight. It's believe that crystals harness much of nature's energies and either the sun or moonlight can help it rejuvenate. 

How To Clean Your Gua Sha