Herbal Youth Green X mas Set
Herbal Youth Green X mas Set
Herbal Youth Green X mas Set

Herbal Youth Green X mas Set

Have a Very Merry Green Christmas! 

And by "green" we mean this beautiful seasonal set which includes the new Herbal Youth Preservation range formulated with clinically proven active ingredients that focus on strengthening and maintaining the 3 core components of glowing,“forever young” skin:

Collagen – Responsible for the strength & structure of skin

Elasticity – How firm and “bouncy” the skin texture is

Moisture – As we age, our skin’s ability to absorb and retain hydration weakens, resulting in dryness, dullness and fine lines

Suggested Routine:

Daily use of Herbal Youth Tonic 2 x a day (morning & night), followed by Herbal Youth Oil 2 x a day with application of Herbal Youth Mask 2x a week (3x if skin is very dry). 

*For very dry skin, please avoid using micellar water, acids, exfoliating cleansers etc. during your new Herbal Youth Routine. This will allow our nourishing formulas to help focus on restoring the skin's natural barriers which when weakened, often suffers from transepidermal water loss.  

Our Herbal Youth Green X mas set includes:
1 x Herbal Youth Mask (Box of 5) worth $45.00 
1 x Herbal Youth Oil  worth $82.00 
1 x Herbal Youth Tonic worth $40.00 
Original Value: $167.00 

SALE PRICE: $138.00

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