Herball youth set that maintain skin hydration, moisture retention and firm skin texture.
Herbal Youth tonic, Herbal Youth oil and Herbal Youth mask
Herbal Youth Set
Herbal Youth Set
Herbal Youth Set

Herbal Youth Set

The Herbal Youth Preservation range is formulated with clinically proven active ingredients that focus on strengthening and maintaining the 3 core components of youthful looking skin: hydration, moisture retention and firm skin texture.

Set includes:
  • Herbal Youth Mask — 5 sheets
  • Herbal Youth Oil — 30 mL
  • Herbal Youth Lotus Tonic — 120 mL

The Herbal Youth Sheet Mask and Herbal Youth Tonic contain matching formulas with stack efficacy, meaning that the formula effects are amplified when used together in a consistent routine.

The Herbal Youth Oil is a signature 7 oil blend anti-aging treatment that contains Brazilian Paracress, known as "nature's botox" for its natural muscle relaxant properties which helps to smooth out microtensions, fine lines and wrinkles in the face. Fortified with Astragalus Root, an ancient medicinal herb reserved for Emperors in China for its anti-ageing and longevity benefits.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Oil not restocked

I have been using the oil for a long time and nothing else is close to it for my skin, which is very sensitive. However, its sold out everywhere and they keep saying they are "upgrading" it but it's never available. Such a pity because while I adore the products, this is disappointing. Will try to find a replacement oil or I will just have to wauit.

Emilia Rogers
Must have!

Wonderful set that keeps my skin hydrated and smooth. A true pleasure to use with amazing skin benefits!

Patricia Kohl
Good all in one routine

I buy this about twice a year and it is perfect to maintain a consistent, easy skincare routine with better results than when I spent lots of money on facials, different expensive creams and other products. Now my skin is always very good. I have kept doing some minimal botox around the face but I must say that my botox looks a lot better, more natural and seems to look fresh longer when my skin is healthier. I was recommended Snow Fox by family, and have been buying it since. Very good quality ingredients and long lasting.

Samuel Lee
great value

Loved the set

Fong yim Ho
Lift up

I feel lift up and firm my skin