FAQ: Hinoki Hyaluronic Hand & Body Cleansing Concentrate

Can I use this only for the hands? 
Yes, it works both as a body and hand wash.

Is this safe for pregnant or breast feeding women?
No, due to the high concentration of Hinoki essential oils for odour-minimization, we suggest using our three-in-one bar for an all over cleanse instead, which is gentler. 

Can I use this on my face?
No, we do not recommend this as the odour minimizing concentrate formula is meant for thicker skin on the body and hands. 

Why does this formula contain Phenoxyethanol?
All other Snow Fox products do not contain phenoxyethanol, however in this case, our partnered manufacturing lab in Australia decided to add a very small percent of Phenoxyethanol to ensure the stability and efficacy of the formula's odour-minimizing properties. In the future, the ingredients list will change as we move production into Japan and we will notify everyone when this happens. 

Is Phenoxyethanol bad? Why do some "clean" brands have it and others don't?

Different clean beauty retailers have their own definition of "clean". For us here at Snow Fox, we specialize in sensitive skincare, so always avoid its use when possible to minimize the risk of skin irritation. However, in this case as the formula is specifically stronger to target unwanted odours and is for hands and body (not face), our Australian based lab felt that it was necessary to ensure the product's stability and quality. We have decided to move production of the next batch to Japan, where a different Head Chemist would apply their own local preferred preservative system without phenoxyethanol. 

Phenoxyethanol is not necessarily always "bad"; it's even naturally found in Green Tea (though most of the market sources are synthesized). Known as a gentle, safe and efficient antibacterial, antimold, antifungal preservative - it is still widely accepted in some clean make up and skincare brands. The risk with Phenoxyethanol is that it can be irritating to sensitive skin when formulated badly or over 1% concentration. As with any ingredient, it simply needs to be formulated well in order to minimize risk of irritation. In this case, the concentration is much less than 1% so we do not consider it a high risk of irritation for the body or hands. 

Can I use it on my hair and scalp?
No, it is not formulated for hair or scalp. We suggest the Shampoo and Conditioner Bars that Snow Fox have created for Haircare specifically.

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