FAQ: Hinoki Hyaluronic Hand & Body Cleansing Concentrate

Can I use this only for hands? 
Yes, it works both as a body and hand wash.

Can I use a body lotion after showering with this?
Yes, in fact we recommend hydrating after showering with a body lotion.

Can I use this on my face?
Yes, however for face we recommend a more complex formula to specifically address certain parts of the skin on the face (i.e T zone, pores on cheeks, fine lines etc) as this wash is meant for thicker skin on the body and hands.

Can I use this with a body scrub?
Yes, but we do not suggest over exfoliating with physical scrubs as there is already a gentle chemical exfoliant present, unless there is really an excess of dead skin or pore blockage.

Can I use it on my hair and scalp?
No, it is not formulated for hair. We suggest the Shampoo and Conditioner Bars that Snow Fox have created for Haircare specifically.

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