FAQ: Ceramic Snow Fox Scent Diffuser and Essential Oil

How long does the scent last?
Depending on the area’s humidity, climate and environment, it can be anywhere from 1-4 weeks.

Can I use my own scents in this diffuser after?
Yes, however please only use 100% pure, natural and organic certified Essential Oils for best results. Synthetic compounds may stain the fox permanently. We cannot guarantee results from other brand oils.

How big of an area can this Diffuser scent?
The fox is palm sized and is meant for a smaller personal space such as desks, bedside tables or small apartments. It is also recommended near a yoga mat if used indoors during meditation or meditative exercises.

Do I need to clean the base or the fox when I want to refill?
No, simply make sure the previous oil is completely dry before pouring new oil in.

Any tips and tricks?
Pour half the bottle to start if you would like a stronger aroma session immediately (i.e. for meditation) and then refill after one week.

Do NOT ingest the Essential Oil as this blend was made for this diffuser concept and not ingestion
Do Not Mix Essential Oil with Water (It will dilute the scent)

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