About Us

Founded by a Rosacea patient, Snow Fox is formulated for hypersensitive skin but is highly compatible for all skin types.


Advanced Proprietary Technology

While our key ingredients are from Australia, Snow Fox products are specially packaged using advanced, proprietary technology in Taipei, Taiwan. This technology allows our products to maintain maximum purity, potency and freshness - without typically used synthetic chemicals that may dilute or harm the efficacy of the original plant formula.

All Natural and Certified Organic

Snow Fox products are best used within 3 months of opening, but they do have shelf life of two years if kept unopened. This is why they are designed and packaged to be used daily - to keep your Snow Fox items as fresh as possible, make sure to put the caps back on after use. You may notice a slight suction that comes with the bottles, this is normal and part of the mechanism that helps keep your products fresh! After 3 months, the smell may change however the goods are still safe to use.

Good Karma Consumption. Not tested on Animals. (Specially not foxes.)

Our laboratory is SGS Certified and based in Taipei, Taiwan, where stringent quality control measures and ethical workplace standards are in place.

Snow Fox and its team have a strict policy against animal testing or the use of animal origin ingredients. Please note that Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan are countries that do not require mandatory animal testing and have very active plant based lifestyle movements.

We support animal rights and rescue charities across the globe and promote the use of cruelty free beauty products.

 SGS Certified

Quality Assured by the world's leading Quality Control, Audit, Testing and Certification Company. Our facilities have a 68% Waste Recycling Rate (2015) and use 55% Renewable Energy sources.

Our entire facilities from front-to-back-end processes/production, does not use any animal-origin ingredients, resources or suppliers. 

ISO 22716 Certified and VCGMP Certified.