Mother's Day "Queen" Set
Mother's Day "Queen" Set
Mother's Day "Queen" Set
Mother's Day "Queen" Set

Mother's Day "Queen" Set

For the Queen.

This Mother's Day, surprise the Queen of your family with something that will keep her glowing on her throne all year round - for a special price of course!

Introducing our newest 100% authentic, White Jade facial roller. 

Both White and Green Jade are favoured by ancient Chinese Empresses and nobility for their protective energies and focus-enhancing properties. White Jade in particular was fashioned into clothing accessories, jewellery or beauty tools as Feng Shui masters suggested that it be kept close to the body at all times.

Naturally, a crystal believed to ward off negative energies from others (such as jealousy, bad intentions, gossip, politicking) as well as enhance one's determination, ambition and mental strength - is a popular fixture in modern day Crystal therapy and Feng Shui, especially for entrepreneurs, leaders and matriarchs.

For us, the Queen stone is the perfect crystal to help de-puff, de-stress and add to an already well set routine for healthy, happy skin.

What You Get:

1 x White Jade Roller worth $30.00 
1 x Herbal Youth Oil  worth $82.00 
1 x Herbal Youth Tonic worth $40.00 
Original Value: $152

Yours for: $120 USD

Regular price $152.00 Sale price $120.00

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