NEW: A Traveller's Kit (Upgraded)
NEW: A Traveller's Kit (Upgraded)
NEW: A Traveller's Kit (Upgraded)

NEW: A Traveller's Kit (Upgraded)

Back and even Better!

After selling out in both our Asian and US warehouses, we've listened to feedback and come up with a newer, better travel kit that's perfect for flying or testing out new Snow Fox items that you've always wanted to try - mini sized and plane-friendly. This new spacious travel bag has all three sheet masks, a travel cleanser, a travel repair cream and a travel Cucumber Tonic for fighting off pesky in-flight dryness or travel-fatigue. It also includes our newest Muslin Facial Cloth - a 100% organic cotton cleaning cloth that is gentle enough for babies and sensitive skin. Use it to wipe off cream or clay masks without pulling or tugging, for drying or even for washing off stubborn make up residue without being too rough on the eyelids. Your new bestie in a bag. 

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What's Inside:

Cooling Foam Cleanser

With twist cap for easy open/pump/close (no pesky lids). 30ml.

Omega Repair Cream

A travel size Omega Repair Cream (10ml)

Cucumber Recovery Tonic

A travel size Cucumber Recovery Tonic (30ml)

Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask

1 pc of the Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask

Cherry Blossom Smoothing Mask

1 pc of the Japanese Cherry Blossom & White Tea Smoothing Mask

Herbal Youth Collagen Boosting Mask

1 pc of the Herbal Youth Collagen Boosting Mask

Muslin Face Cloth

Perfect for babies & sensitive skin. Made with 100% organic cotton.

Water Resistent Bag

This beautiful water resistant bag can easily fit make up, tooth brushes, tooth paste, shavers, cotton balls and whatever else you need.

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