The Massage Enthusiast Bundle
The Massage Enthusiast Bundle
The Massage Enthusiast Bundle

The Massage Enthusiast Bundle

For massage enthusiasts, this luscious oil and Snowy Jade pair is the perfect combination of all you need for a home reflexology session. Our Herbal Youth Oil makes for a silky, anti-aging massage oil while the Snowy Jade Roller can de-puff, de-stress and stimulate facial reflexology points. The Snowy Jade Gua Sha can be used on face, head, neck, shoulders, back and even hands. Snowy White Jade is used in Feng Shui for warding off negative energies from others such as gossip, jealousy and scheming.


This Set includes:

  • 1 Herbal Youth Oil
  • 1 Snowy Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set
  • FREE Shipping


How To Use: 

Apply Herbal Youth Oil to skin before massage. Use enough to ensure that the Gua Sha and Facial Rollers glide along the skin smoothly without tugging.

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Herbal Youth Oil

This facial oil is formulated with "nature's botox" and blueberry seed oil for dual anti-aging functions: preventative and in-treatment.

Astralagus Root

Studies show it can help defend against the metabolic and physical complications of aging.

Brazilian Paracress

Referred to as 'Nature's Botox', minimizes fine lines and wrinkles while helping to avoid formation of new lines.

Ubiquinone / CoQ10

Helps by plumping skin and preserving elasticity.

Blueberry Seed Oil

Lightweight but packed with powerful antioxidants.

Camellia Oil

A nourishing oil high in Omega -9.

Evening Primrose Oil

Reduces hyper-pigmentation and evens out overall skin tone.

How to Use

Apply a few drops on palm or directly onto skin, before massaging it around the face, focusing on wrinkle prone areas.

Use in the morning before make up and in the evening before bed.

Snowy Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

Renowned for its use among empresses, matriarchs and nobility, White "Snowy" Jade is used in Feng Shui for enhancing focus, determination and will power. It is also believed to be a protective stone, warding off negative energies from others such as bad intentions, gossip and jealousy. *Please note that we do not artificially color or dye our crystals, meaning that sometimes, there will be natural color variations or other imperfections in the stone. No two pieces will look perfectly identical as these are hand carved out of naturally formed blocks of gem stone.

How To Use

Both the facial roller and gua sha can be used to massage, de-stress and de-puff the face while speeding up product absorption, however the Gua Sha can also be used to "scrape" across lymphatic points under the chin, along the neck and shoulders.

Soak the Gua Sha in hot water (43C/110F) for 2-3 min to use as a "hot stone" for massaging.

Traditionally, Facial Rollers are used as "cooling" items and Gua Shas are used "warm".

White Jade has both excellent warmth and cooling properties, making it a uniquely versatile stone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

the gua sha and oil are so good together. The facial roller is beautiful but I prefer the oil with the gua sha because it gives a deeper, more effective massage.

5 stars

It was a long wait and I had some issues with shipping, but I am giving this 5 stars purely based on the quality of the items that I got. It's changed my bedtime routine for the better and is a lot easier to use than I'd thought, especially the gua sha. At first I was using the roller more but as time went by, I honestly now prefer my gua sha as it's just such a wonderful massage tool and easily washed afteer using it together with the oil. The Oil itself is luscious and I'm glad it's a value set price as on its own it's a bit above my budget. Will get this for my mom this X mas!

Stunning quality!

I'm very happy with this product. The gua sha and jade roller are very high quality and do a good job de-puffing my face. I like the white jade with copper color combination. The oil is not as heavy as a rosehip oil, but really does seem to calm redness and relax fine lines (for ~5hrs after applying).