Combo Skin Recovery balancing Hyaluronic Acid based hydrating set
Combo Skin Recovery balancing Hyaluronic Acid based hydrating set
Combo Skin Recovery balancing Hyaluronic Acid based hydrating set
Combo Skin Recovery Set

Combo Skin Recovery Set

Get your glow back (for a better price!)

The set includes:
1 x Cucumber Recovery Tonic, worth $30.00 USD
1 x Cucumber Recovery Serum, worth $64.00 USD
Original Value: $94.00

Why is it best to use both products together?

These two formulas were designed in harmony with Combination Skin in mind. The main challenge with Combo skin types is that they are BOTH dry and oily due to an imbalance of sebum production. The dry parts are dull, irritated or unable to retain moisture and the oily parts are acne-prone or always shiny. 

Our Cucumber Recovery Tonic is specifically measured to have a pH of 5.5 to help the skin restore its original balance, while the Cucumber Recovery Serum is a Hyaluronic Acid based gel that offers a boost of lightweight but intensive hydration without being too heavy.

It's like you and your not-so-alike BFF - a great team of total opposites ;) 


*Due to the volume of sales, we have sold out of our original floral design of Cucumber Recovery Serum. However, we've pulled from our newest produced inventory with an updated, minimalist designed packaging. No worries, this is still the same, beloved Cucumber Recovery Serum formula, so we hope you don't mind the early launch!

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The first thing the Cucumber Recovery Tonic does is focus on a common ROOT cause of Combo skin - irregular PH levels. With its own specially formulated PH, it gets the skin back to its normal state - sebum production begins to normalize and the oily parts are controlled WITHOUT further drying out other areas.

The Cucumber Recovery Serum then comes in for a powerful boost of pure HA fortified with nutrients for moisture recovery, retention and hydration for the dry, damaged areas WITHOUT upsetting or clogging the oily areas. It's a delicate partnership between the two products, but they're basically a highly effective tag-team for your Combo skin problems - one for the oily issues, one for the dry.

How to use

Cucumber Recovery Tonic:

Before applying Cucumber Recovery Serum, sprinkle a few drops onto center of your palm and gently press or pat onto skin. Do not rub.

Cucumber Recovery Serum:

Apply a pea-sized amount to face and neck in a gentle circular motion.

Use in the morning, after tonic, before applying cream or oil moisturizers and at night, before bed.


Use a Crystal Facial Roller to help skin absorb all that dense HA concentration.

A 2-minute rolling session after applying serum will help maximize all the benefits!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ada Kwon
nice duo

I've been using this all year. It lasts for a long time and is good value, however the toner would be a lot better if it was a spray or a pump head. I love the new serum formula and together both products work very well. I love the quality of the organic rosewater and have been using rosewater for many years.

toner bottle broken

The serum is fine but the toner bottle packaging is horrible quality. I dropped it and it immediately shattered even though it was plastic. Emailing customer support.

Samantha Lee
Good combination

These products work really well together.

Desmond E
Love the serum, Tonic Ok

Serum is great and hydrated efficiently. Didn’t feel much difference with the tonic. Next time I will only get the serum.


Have been using this together since a year ago and although the serum can be a bit too thick for me at times, my skin seems to love this and nothing else. I have extremely sensitive combination skin and have noticed improvement in oiliness, hydration and overall texture. The tonic is the perfect boost of moisture at the office, but I put it in a small spray bottle. I don't like the current bottle packaging, brand should use some sort of pump or spray for easier use.