soft coconut make up blender made from coconut shells snow fox skincare as seen in Allure
soft coconut make up blender made from coconut shells snow fox skincare
soft coconut make up blender made from coconut shells snow fox skincare

Ultra Soft Coconut Eco Blender


  • Eco friendly make up sponge that is latex free, sensitive skin friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Luxuriously soft texture 
  • Blends make up into skin flawlessly for a naturally airbrushed look 
  • Grey color comes from the natural coconut husk itself
  • Has excellent water absorption and retention properties, so when your blender is dampened, it stays fluffy and soft for hours! 

The packaging is 100% biodegradable plastic and as always, it's cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

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All Ingredients

100% Latex free foam made from non-fossil fuel origins, 50% coconut husk powder, 50% proprietary PU blend

How it Works

This eco friendly make up blender is luxuriously soft, bouncy and perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. Use damp or dry.


An eco friendly sponge made from a trademarked material mix, CocoLuxe Foam. 

free of artifical colors & dyes

Its natural grey color comes the coconut husk itself, minimizing water + dye chemical waste and pollution in the production process.

*Due to natural properties of the coconut husk, color may vary between sponges.

Biodegradable packaging

The clear outer box is made from 100% biodegradable plastic. 100% vegan.

How to Use

  • Wet sponge under running water, squeeze out any excess water until damp

  • Use the pointed tip for precise cover ups, the flat edge for highlight and the rounded bottom for blending foundation

  • Add liquid foundation or BB Cream directly onto the sponge or onto face

  • Dab to blend product into skin. Can be used damp or dry. 

  • Rinse after each use and replace sponge after 3 months for best hygiene 


Can I use this dry?

Yes you can, however we suggest using it damp to get it even softer and fluffier. For dry skin, we recommend using it damp with water or a hydrating tonic for a boost of hydration.

Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?


What's the best way to dispose of the Coconut Blender?

You can dispose it into the plastics recycling. The coconut husk naturally degrades and the remaining PU can be recycled. 

Any extra Tips?

Add a few pumps of Omega Repair Cream into your liquid foundations before blending product in for a seamless look with extra nourishing. Spray or soak the Coconut blender with a hydrating tonic for another boost of hydration.

soft coconut make up blender made from coconut shells snow fox skincare as seen in Allure
  • Blends Foundation Perfectly

  • 100% Vegan. Latex Free

  • Eco friendly. Cruelty Free

  • For All Skin Types

Our Happy Customers

Customer Reviews

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Jenny K89
ripped after two weeks

I loved mine at first, it's true that its super soft and blends really well but for $14 this thing should last longer than two weeks??!! Litereally tore when it was like new, this is ridiculous. Will be msging them for a replacement, not sure if other poeple had the same problem as me?

Coconut Blender

It really does make foundation glide on like it’s airbrushed. It makes my pores disappear, there’s no streaking, no blotches and my make up looks so evenly spread that people can’t tell I’m wearing several layers. I even use it for cream eye shadows. Minus 1 star because it took two weeks to ship to me. Hope they will stock these in some stores so I don’t have to wait.

5 stars

Best make up blender for sensitive skin.

Professional grade

I am a professional MUA and this has been a game changer. I use it on all my clients as well as skin care models that require a natural glowing look close up on lens. This was gifted to me by the brand but I have already recommended it to a lot of people for purchasing as everyone should have this at home!

good result for skin

Does not hurt my sensitive skin. No strong perfume. Make up looking good.