BioBlender for Sensitive Skin
BioBlender for Sensitive Skin
BioBlender for Sensitive Skin

BioBlender for Sensitive Skin

A monthly-use Biodegradable Make Up Blender that is easy to use and suitable for sensitive skin make up users. 


100% Biodegradable & Hygiene Focused

An Eco-friendly beauty tool that can be disposed of, guilt-free. Unlike latex or plastic based blenders, our Snow Fox make up blender is meant to be replaced monthly. This helps avoid the accumulation of bacteria, grime and residue - a common cause of break outs. 

Ultra Soft

Dry or Wet, the material stays soft and smooth - avoiding discomfort or potential irritation no matter how you use it. (Spray it or soak it in your Snow Fox Tonic for an extra boost of hydration). 

Latex-Free (Hypoallergenic) 

Those allergic to Latex can rejoice! No more stress, just smooth coverage all the way!

Blends Flawlessly

Blends softly while smoothly gliding across the skin without tugging - avoid streaks and blotches while keeping your skin happy. 


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    Sensitive skin shouldn't stop you from loving make up! 

    Blender Material

    We use 100% Biodegradable Hydrophillic Polyurethane. This is a foam made of organic compounds, derived from vegetable oil. It naturally attracts and holds in water.