Snow Fox Defense Cream

Our Defense Cream is a natural, oil-based cream. So why doesn't it feel "oily"? If you're used to thick, rich moisturizers, we can understand why this may be a concern for you, but don't worry - our formula is specifically packed to the brim with Essential Fatty Acids (Omega's). Olive Fruit Oil is abundant in Omega 3,6,9 and Macadamia Oil is high in Omega 7 (along with 6 & 9). Essential Fatty Acid's have great benefits when applied topically to skin, including: smoothing the skin’s surface, increasing and retaining hydration, calming external stressors, strengthening skin against environmental damage and delivering antioxidants. Our Day & Night Cream offers visible results because the formula contains a complex array of Omega's from plant sources that are not naturally "heavy", like fish oils or petroleum-based creams. It's also why you can mix it in with any liquid foundations without causing greasy streaks because we don't contain any petrochemicals that react with existing silicone or synthetic emulsifiers